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separation and divorce

Children become very anxious when their parents are going through separation or divorce and though some of the symptoms are addressed within my app, see main page, but as well as a lot of other information there are two books out there for younger children.  I can highly recommend 'THE DINOSAUR'S DIVORCE'  by Laurie Krasney Brown [...]

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Selective Mutism

Selective Mutism is a surprisingly hard behavior for parents to deal with and is particularly hard for the child, usually under 10, for whom it becomes part of who they are.   At school  the child  may have only one friend to whom they speak, or more often whispers.  The child maintains a silence in front of the rest of [...]

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Welcome to the new blog section

Welcome to the new blog section of my website. I recommend ''I'LL KNOW WHAT TO DO'' by BONNIE MARK and AVIVA LAYTON which is specifically aimed at dealing with natural disasters like floods and earthquakes.  But skills developed in learning coping strategies and practical issues could be transferable to any anxiety provoking situations.

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